Thank you for viewing my work.  

I am from the Mississippi Gulf Coast and grew up fishing, swimming, walking barefoot for miles during the summer, all the while living in an old house with space heaters with big porches.  My maternal grandfather, my mother and my sister and brother are (and were) artists so I guess this desire to paint is in my DNA.  

I started long ago painting with oil, but the introduction of acrylic paint has allowed me to paint more often and with less "muddy" colors than when painting with oil.  Painting with acrylics has also  allowed me to create more spontaneous work.

I have a full time job, and I paint during weekends and time off.  While my full time job pays the bills, painting gives me great fulfillment.  

Seascapes, snow scenes, children, cowboys, and the list goes on.  There is no one theme for me.  What I find intriguing or beautiful, I must paint.